Process Automation

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Voucher Entry

This Process Automation receives invoices, codes it to the correct G/L accounts, and adds as a Voucher to

Time and Expense Billing

This Process Automation is designed to consolidate employee expenses by location and profile type and submit 

Payroll Entry

This Process Automation will verify working and PTO hours from various reports, calculate the pay, and sumit

PDF Document Split & Validation

The PDF will be split and categorized by this Process Automation into separate documents based on the

LinkedIn Recruiting

After searching by specific location and criteria, this Process Automation will send templated emails to specific

Job Board Scraping

This Process Automation will scrape multiple job boards and pull out pertinent information for each


This Process Automation gets Customer Invoice information from a Google Sheet and creates a new

Invoice Status Verification

This Process Automation verifies and ingests information from invoices, verifies the status of the transaction

Insurance Payments

Once claims are identified as Paid, this Process Automation will find the EOB/EOP, navigate to the patient

Employee Onboarding

Once the hiring process is initiated, this Process Automation sends the offer letter and adds the employee

Dashboard / Report Generation

Data and Reports will be gathered by this Process Automation and consolidated into a formatted Google

Customer Intake and Setup

When a new customer fills out their initial form, this process automation sets up all of the teams, groups

Correspondence Tracking

The Digital Worker (DW) is designed to extract information from an email to a tracking spreadsheet. It sends

Bill Payments

The Process Automation gets what bills to pay from spreadsheet and pays them on payment website.

Bank Reconciliation

After retrieving the Bank Statement, the Digital Worker (DW) compares the amounts debited and credited